CPD-100 3D Tiskalnik

cpd 100 3d printer

The CPD-100 3D printer is designed for the field of oral repair and implant, especially for repair cases with high precision of guide plate, veneer, single crown, and
connecting bridge. 30 micron high precision printing:
CPD-100 adopts optical correction technology to ensure the high-precision printing of 30μm, which can meet the realization of high-precision cases, ensure the perfect matching of the printing model, accurate application of the guide plate, improve the success rate of implant surgery by 50% and reduce the rate of surgical failure by 30%.

Visoka hitrost tiskanja:

– Debelina plasti 0.05 mm, hitrost tiskanja 26 mm/h
– Debelina plasti 0.075 mm, hitrost tiskanja 39 mm/h
– Debelina plasti 0.1 mm, hitrost tiskanja 51 mm/h


Weight: 30kg
The equipment size: 333x377x726mm
Voltage range: 100~240V(50/60Hz)
Power: 50W
Molding size (XY): 144x81mm
Precision: 30μm
The Z axis layer thickness: 0.05mm
XY resolution: 75μm
Light source: 405nm
Layer thickness range: 0.05mm-0.1mm
The largest printing speed: 26mm/h
The data format: STL
Type of printing technology: DLP